Drug Abuse Recognition-DAR

Learning how to identify drug impairment for law enforcement, the drug testing industry and professional educators. 

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About Us

We have been training people in Drug Abuse Recognition - the art of being able to tell if someone is under the influence of drugs - for over 25 years. 

Our lead instructor, Sergeant Keith Graves, has taught law enforcement, business and education professionals DAR all over the world. He has brought this program to most states, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Germany. All of our training is based on your profession or your needs. We offer live classes, online courses, and training on demand. 

What We Offer

home video

Video Courses

Professionally created video courses help you fully acquire the educational content on demand.

home webinar


Our webinars will teach you the latest trends in drugs and drug impairment.

home live

Live Lessons

We offer live online courses like DAR, Drug ID and others. 

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Our Lead Instructor


Keith Graves

Retired Sergeant

California Narc of the Year
DRE Instructor #3292