Frequently Asked Questions

Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) is a training program designed to assist in identifying key indicators of recent drug use. It also keeps pace with emerging trends in the ever changing drug market. It offers advice on how to go about approaching someone after suspicions they are “under the influence.” Our instructors have been conducting drug influence evaluations for decades and teach both the DAR course and the Drug Recognition Expert course. We also have decades of experience as seasoned narcotics detectives. The 7-step DAR process lies at the core of the DAR program’s effectiveness. The DAR process has been used successfully throughout the United States to evaluate people under the influence of drugs and how to deal with those impaired persons. We will cover not only signs of drug use, but also de-escalation tactics for those under the influence of PCP, methamphetamine and other drugs that can cause intense violence.

Yes. We provide certificates of completion for each course you take.