Drug ID

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Drug ID

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This course presents an overview of the identification of current substances of abuse and the associated paraphernalia you will likely encounter in your duties. Drug Scheduling, appearance, observable effects on the human body, methods of ingestion, possible medicinal and/or cultural uses, slang terminology, cultivation, production, manufacture and distribution of the prevalent substances within the seven categories of drugs will be described. Safety issues for encountering users of these drugs is emphasized.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognize various substances of abuse and any associated paraphernalia.
  • State the possible medicinal uses of various substances of abuse, if any.
  • State the method of ingestion, slang terms, and the observable effects on the human body of various substances of abuse.
  • Understand the  safety cautions to be taken when encountering substance abusers.

Course content

video About Drug ID from the Instructor Free
video Opiates 3 h 8 m 8 s
video CNS Stimulants and Novel Psychoactive Substances 2 h
video Day Two Cannabis 2 h 33 m
video Day Two Hallucinogens 49 m 22 s
video CNS Depressants 24 m 53 s
video Dissociative Anesthetics and Inhalants 1 h 15 m
Keith Graves

Keith Graves

Course Instructor

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